NCLogics AG has developed DABO®, a CE-certified universal measuring device that combines multiple clinical measurements in one system.In DABO®, brain, muscle and heart activity measurements are combined in order to provide the patient with his state of health, while doctors and therapists can also check the results remotely via an online connection. With our DABO® Triple- E technology, we combine all measurements in one device, analyze the measured values precisely and provide visualize them. The basis for development are international standards and guidelines and patients benefit in their daily lives.

    ECG - Electrocardiography

    The ECG system integrated into DABO® offers a comprehensive range of functionalities and has been developed on the basis of renowned experts and according to international standards for electrocardiography and arrhythmia.

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    EEG - Electroencephalography

    The CE certified DABO® EEG System is classified as a Class IIA medical product. All functions have been developed according to international guidelines. Innovative visualization of the brain state, which colors the regions accordingly to activity and a user-friendly interface support diagnosis in everyday clinical life.

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    EMG - Electromyography

    The DABO® EMG offers a broad repertoire of functionalities and evaluation possibilities for many applications in the diagnostic routine.